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We study the emergence of statistical learning in subcortico-cortical loops.

We focus on the auditory system, an optimized pattern detector, and use electrophysiological (e.g. Cambridge Neurotech and Neuropixels probes), optogenetic and chemogenetic techniques in combination with behavioural paradigms (from conditioning in the Audiobox to progressively more complex and naturalistic behaviours). We sample activity in auditory midbrain, thalamus and cortex, as well as hippocampus, often simultaneously.


We investigate three main and related questions:

  • What are the mechanisms underlying the neuronal learning and coding of patterns in the auditory system?

    • auditory sequence learning​

    • background (noise) vs foreground segregation 

  • Where and how are patterns (noise, sequences) represented in the brain?

  • How is the coding of incoming information modulated by previous experience and mental state (sleep)?

And we integrate related questions in our studies, through behavioural studies:

  • How does the animal perceive its acoustic environment?

  • How does the animal sample its environment depending on its complexity and predictability?

  • How does stimulus complexity and predictability affect neuronal learning and coding of patterns?

Lab atmosphere and expectations.

I believe scientific advancement depends on communication, both inside and outside the lab. Good communication is therefore important for the well being of the lab, both as a science generating machine and as human environment.

I am responsible for generating the environment in which you can grow as a scientist and provide the space, tools, and equipment you need to generate sound hypotheses and data. I will do my best to help you achieve your goals and support you as a person and in your career.

I expect every member of the lab to treat others with respect and collegiality, and to support each other's success. I also expect members of the lab to strive for the best data quality and truthful results.

I live from data, in all its forms (raw, processed, modeled...), so you will be expected to feed me with data, by showing me (and others in the lab) the raw and processed versions as they are generated.

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